About us

Wellness for Dogs means feeling good for dog-parents.
It is my firm conviction that care and beauty secure health and a happy Together.

I completed my training as Professional Groomer in Germany and in the USA. - Additional seminars and continuous further education still are my hobby! Dogs have accompanied me through my life - some where bought from good and loving breeders, others came to me after having lost their place in life. I studied Behavioural Therapy and Dog Communication  in Switzerland, Germany and in the USA. This is the basis for my approach to grooming and care that centers on your dog's needs and always is positive, safe and free of force. A clean and well groomed dog feels good and radiates his happiness. And for dog-parents: Owning a beautiful and happy dog while being one of the best things in life also lets you rest assured that your dog is not missing or lacking anything.


We will find the right groom for your dog.
Individual care for your dog alone in a relaxed atmosphere - that is Wellness for Dogs

Individual and exclusive

Bernese Mountain Dog

We will find the right groom for your dog.

Together we will discuss a custom-made care plan that caters to your dog's needs and yours. For example a beautiful look that is easy to keep up between sessions.

It is important to establish how the coat will be treated. – should the hair be hand stripped, clipped, scissored into shape or treated in a variety of these options?

I also offer de-matting, and the taking out of undercoat where it makes sense. The style and the remaining length of coat will be determined beforehand.

You give me the heads-up regarding your dog: is he allergic, does he have tender spots, scars, irritated skin or areas he doesn't like to have touched?

Everything important pertaining to your dog or each of your dogs will be taken down and into account.

We Come to You! Nell Hunde-Wellness, Mobile Grooming Service, means convenience and top care on an individual basis - at your doorstep with First Class equipment and service.

For you it's simply: hassle-free - no taxi service needed to get your dog/your dogs to the grooming salon.

Well, that is except if you live somewhere without parking, like Zurich, Old City. In that case, we will find the nearest place to where you can conveniently get your pooch.


Complete Groom


Typically a complete groom will include the coat care, bathing, drying, cleaning of ears and eyes and checking the nails, which are shortened if necessary. A partial groom, for example only brushing and combing to take out dead hair, underwool or help with the shedding is possible and makes sense with a clean dog.

A clean and well groomed coat climatizes and keeps the body temperature. Matted or dirty hair can't protect from cold and irritates the skin. Dogs are exposed to oily dirt and grit in the air, which settles on their coat and can't be lost by rolling on a wet lawn or a short romp in a creek. A dog's skin is much thinner than human skin and has a different, namely a higher ph-value, which differs from breed to breed.

The skin is an organ which needs care products developed for dogs. When a complete groom is done, taking up more or less time and effort depending on coat and character, a good standard of care can be maintained with less effort. Beauty and well-being go hand in hand.

Swiss White Shepherd


City-Life means oily dirt and grit on your dog's skin and in his fur.
City-Life means oily dirt and grit on your dog's skin and in his fur.

City-Life means grit and oily dirt on your dog's skin and in his fur.

Country-Life is dirt and sand and lots of stuff where we don't really want to know the origin. Not all is rose petals and pollen, that is safe to say.

Nell Hunde-Wellness uses DFS Dog Fashion Spa products, which were developed and made in the USA, the country with the strictest regulation where skin-contact-products are concerned.  The products, shampoo, conditioner and lotions are infused with natural oils, fruit- and flower extracts, like chamomile, aloe, witch hazel and a sunscreen in the conditioner.

All products are totally free from sulfates, paraben, synthetic dye, gmo and have been developed specifically for dog skin and hair. They are made for dogs with dog-parents rather than dog-owners - but however you would like to define yourself: Your dog gets the very best on the market.

DFS have a signature scent with jasmine, violet, citron and musk which is light. Your dog's lives in a world of smell and strongly perfumed shampoos impair his well-being. This is the reason why I don't offer and use perfumes/scents for dogs.

Being clean is pleasing for the dog and the human. My products are developed with frequent use in mind, they nourish and groom skin and hair. If you still have that "dogs shouldn't be bathed" nonsense in your ears: dirt is a health risk. And be honest: Where does your dog sleep? - right. (and if he's sleeping in his doggy bed: cuddling also counts)

Veterinary Treatment Baths:
If your dog needs to be treated with a veterinary prescribed shampoo with or without residence time this can be done. The tub is walk-in, so dogs with back-problems can walk in, no lifting or jumping. In the bath the dog can stand, sit or assume the pancake position.

Brushing / Combing

ActiVet® brushes have a flexible head and rounded pins. The five different brushes have been developed for different use.

I use professional techniques and professional equipment in a range to match every coat and hair variety. This includes the whole ActiVet proline range of flexible headed brushes - and I have been instructed on how to use them by Chuck Simons - "The Legend" and his team at the Intergroom in New Jersey.

Brushing and combing serves a multitude of purposes and should be enjoyed by the dog - not be stressfull or hurting. Little knots and mats will be taken care of, if a de-matting is required it can be done - look at "Solutions".


Blow-Drying / Towel Driying

Drying is important - no dog is happy with wet hair and damp skin.

After the bath your dog is being blow dried while being brushed. Irritated or sensitive skin will be dried by patting with a smooth specialist towel – water magnet. And nervous dogs can get a tight hoodie over their ears to calm them, this is also done if any ear conditions are present.

The Blow Dryer used is dog-friendly and therefore cooler than a person would have it and it's handled professionally.

Other than for humans, the air has to be cool but not cold - dogs cannot tolerate heated air.


Clipping and Scissoring


Dogs have shared our life for about 30.000 years. We shaped them through selective breeding into the variety of size, color and coat we can and will see at the "Exposition Canine International" in Genf at Palexpo, 18th to 20th of November 2016.

Some breeds have a coat that is clippered to maintain the breed-specific look. Others need a lot of care and sometimes beauty has to conform to practicality. Clippers and scissors offer a multitude of looks. 

puppy cut on poodle

Clipping isn't preparing for surgery by a veterinarian. You can combine different lengths and there are many possible ways to get a natural look. No skinny thinny Minnie-legs. Also my set of professional scissors will bring out the best in every coat.


We will find the best for your dog. What sort of coat actually is on your dog, what are the daily demands your family life holds and most of all: what are your wishes? Whether according to breed standard or a natrual-but-a-little-shorter look: Your dog will look good and his or her strong points will be emphasized.


Hand-stripping or hand-plucking is taking out hair that is dead and where a new hair already is regrowing in the hair follicle. Coats that should be stripped will lose their characteristic look if they are neglected or clippered. The Irish Terrier in the first photo below has blown his coat and needs a session at the groomer's. The Irish Terrier on the second photo below has a show coat. 

Irish Terrier with blown furIrish Terrier

Breeds that should be handstripped are: Airedale Terrier, Bouvier de Flanders, Affenpinscher, Cairn Terrier, Wirehaired Foxterrier, Jack Russel Terrier, German Wihrehaired Pointer, Schnauzer and many more.

Silky coats are also handstripped: Setters, Cocker Spaniel and many more. Handstripping in my opinion is close to being a miracle cure to good looks for many dogs with Terriers in their ancestry or other breeds with a coat that should be handstripped. Pulling with feeling, sensitive and with the right technique is vital for hand-stripping. Your dog will love to come back when the groom is making him more comfortable and does not hurt at all.

Irish Setter

Most coats that are hand-plucked / handstripped are a double coat with the topcoat being longer and the undercoat being softer and shorter. Dead hair (hair that is in the telogen phase) does not shed but stays put, often (but not always)  forming strands. That's what's called a blown coat.  If a coat that should be handstripped is being clippered short, the character and look of the coat will change. The original color can change, the coat can look less shiny and less colorful, as the older and bleached dead hair still shows. 

Norfolk TerrierNorfolk Terrier

A coat that is ready to be plucked can be handstripped without causing any pain! The dogs show this by sitting slack-jawed through the procedure, often lying down and enjoying the fuss. Sensitive areas with less hair like belly, genitalia, breast and jugular can be clippered or scissored.

Ears Paws Nails

"Nothing in there that shouldn't be in a dog's ear" is what one of my vets used to say, meaning that a little earwax is normal.


Some dogs grow no hair on the inside of their ears and it seems you can peek through their head. Others sport a dense hedge, sometimes even smelly, inside their ear canal. Hair growing on the inside of the ear has a protective function. Obviously unhygienic balls aren't adviseable. Less is often more - the ear canal must to be treated with caution and care. Nell Hunde-Wellness cleans ears with ear wipes without harsh chemicals and infused with witch hazel and other natural ingredients, made in the USA, as there the strictest rules for skin-contact products are in place. We also use hoods when blow drying (and in case of ear conditions while bathing in addition to cotton balls). 

If your dog has any ear condition (that needs veterinary attention) the ears will be covered (in addition to a cotton ball) with a tight hood to prevent an water getting in and also to protect them from draught when blow drying.

Paws - there is considerable dissent here. Some will clipper all hair off between the pads, some will shorten the hair, others leave the pads as they are and only neaten the outside of the paws.  To shear between the paws is only making sense if regrowing hair won't irritate the tender skin there. Shortening and neatening often is advisable, especially in winter to prevent iceballs forming around those hairs.

Nails - many dogs have naturally short nails as they wear them down through their daily exercise. I will cut nails only when this is not happening. If the position of the toes is altered by long nails they need shortening as that is detrimental. Dewclaws can grow to irritate the skin and will be shortened also, when necessary.

Problem Solving

If you encounter a grooming problem I have a solution.

Hair -hair hair hair hair hair hair

Corgie with two different colored eyes

"My dog sheds the whole year through"

"My dog gets so hot in summer"

These problems I hear very frequently. The coat change happens twice a year, bitches can lose hair after heat and all dogs can lose hair when getting a fright, experiencing changes in routine or stress.

Genetics, hormones and the whole metabolism affect skin and hair of your dog.

With a double coated dog the taking out of underwool can make sense, especially during the regular shedding times. While brushing and combing frees every dog from dead and already lose hair, it takes special tools to address the woolly undercoat. However, overly enthusiastic taking out of undercoat – sometimes by the owner with a "Furminator" or similar instruments or through simple clipping of double coated dogs should be avoided. A measured taking out of undercoat and professional brushing/combing of any coat type can free your home, your car and your clothes from a lot (a very large lot) of dog hair.

Coat care, de-shedding without a bathfrom 70,- CHF


Yes, you stink!


So you can't take to your dog's taste in dead fish, fox poo, manure or any variety of those? - A bath is the answer. 

While normal daily dirt and grime – especially if you are living in a city or use public transport – should also be removed from time to time,  - An emergency yes-you-stink-bath is called for in case of definite reek.

Remember, your dog does not have to be lifted into my bath tub and he is secured while in the bath. Back-problems in dogs and owners are no longer a hindrance. The dog can stand, sit or even lie down in the tub.

Yes-You-Stink-Treatment: bathing, drying and brushing for up to 15 minutes:  from 70 CHF 



Cocker Spaniel

Your dog reacts to "Matt"? – then it has happened: the dreaded felt. Matting is a reality of our dogs' lives: Every dog has areas where he hates combing, especially with a longer coat. The usual cuddle-spots behind the ears and the friction areas under elbows and hind legs: matted, knotted, felted – you know what I am talking about.

Please don't tear at these knots with a comb and please do not tear them out – that will traumatize your dog and make him very suspicious of future grooming attempts.

De-matting is possible and I offer this service. The effort and the time frame has to be tolerated by your dog – every dog is different in this respect.

Moreover we will look for coat care that is tailored to your dog's coat and to your needs. The goal is a look you can easily keep up until the next appointment.

De-matting: 40,- CHF per 30 minutes – several sittings may be needed. I always look for the fastest possible way to de-matt and try to keep the cost down.


The Problem-Coat: In Grooming School I came across a labradoodle who merged both his parents' genetic coat types: The curly long growing Poodle hair which is dry and from the Labrador Retriever the water-repellant and isolating fur. which is oily. This combination resulted in matting and a coat that was very hard to brush or comb. Former clipping had worsened the condition. This dog had a coat that could be hand-stripped, which was then done in more than one sitting on the body, legs, ears and scissored or clippered where sensitive. With this method the look was much improved and the owner was able to brush and comb far easier.

Gladiators and Lionhearts


Your dog does not tolerate grooming?

He flips and flops around to escape you like a soapy piglet? He bites, scratches and screams like a train at Zurich Airport?

Your dog signales by snarling and baring his teeth and flat no-nonsense eyes that he will not tolerate any handling?

Do not fight with your dog. Be kind to yourself and delegate this problem.

A fight about or while grooming leads to a confrontation between your dog and yourself which will have no winners. Either your dog becomes frightened and feels attacked by the human he loves and depends on most, or he becomes aggressiv, forcing you to have a fight about hierarchy and proper rank. Aggression and fear overlap and transition between the two is blurred. A rip in the fabric of trust and love will have to be mended laboriously afterwards.

Avoid negative experiences that make you and your dog fall out and destroy the bond that is good for both of you.

I offer negotiation, persuasion and/or an attempt at re-education. The experience that will let your dog accept grooming (again) has to be positive. Trust that nothing bad, nothing frightening will happen should and will develop. I never use my voice nor my hands to force a dog or actually hurt him. I've successfully completed seminars on dog-communications and behavioral-therapy and have studied canine communication signals during my studies for Professional Groomer as well. 

Contact me if your dog qualifies for the category gladiator and lionheart. We will find a way.

dog and human

Old Dog

older dog

Nell Hunde-Wellness can relieve an old or an ill dog from a lot of stress. Your dog doesn't have to be transported by car to somewhere. And also an old or ill dog should be groomed.

Bath and Care - my bathtub is walk-in. The water temperature is digitally controlled and has the vet-approved 28°C (82.4°F). The products from DFS are some of the best and mildest on the market. Often the skin is dry and sensitive - I have two lotions developed especially for dog-skin by DFS with natural aloe-extract and plant-oils and blossom-oils to soothe irritated, itchy or dry and flaky skin.

Coatcare and complete care: My table is electrically adjustable for height - no lifting or jumping is required.

Atmosphere and Wellness - an elderly dog or a dog with health problems needs calm and gentle care that is adjusted to his or her health status. 

I offer an essential oil developed by DFS (under Wellness) which calms and relaxes dogs. You can massage a tiny amount on your dog's ears or put it on your wrists. The effect is surprising and a calmer dog will allow you to have less worry and a bit more peace of mind yourself.

First-timers at the Groomer's

A young dog learns about the world through you and you are the best thing in his or her life. Don't fight with your dog where care is concerned. Routine, technique and professional handling are also a matter of experience. I have extensive experience, also with traumatized dogs. A seminar with Greg Kleva from Barkbusters.com reinforced my own believe that the human hand should always be a positive experience for a dog. Which doesn't mean to let your dog get away with everything. Patience and a quiet firm attitude in addition to experience lead to grooms becoming a routine. Dogs love to be fussed over, and trust between dog and human is precious. That is why I offer "Mini-Grooms", to acquaint a young dog with the brushing, combing and handling in general.

young Bloodhound

What if there is already discord? An adult dog also can get a "First Groom". You may well be surprised how different your small or large warrior exhibits himself. Clear signals and a quiet firm attitude can help overcome that hatred of brush and comb. And wouldn't it be nice if you won't have to fight with your dog about "brushing today" any more?


Our dogs reach an older age because we care for them.
To have regard for all living beings not our fellow human only distinguishes and dignifies.

Infrafred Heating Panels

Wellness for Dogs

Infrared panel heaters for your elderly dog or your elderly cat.

Nell Hunde-Wellness offers infrared heating panels by IRH Infrarot Heizungssysteme GmbH, Austria, in sizes developed for pets. They can be put behind a dog bed or cushion – positioned on feet made from stainless steel or wood. Water- and moistureproofed they are safe to use in bathrooms. As the animals body is heated by the infrared rays and not the air between panel and body, dead hair and dust is not raised into the air you breathe.

Infrared rays meeting skin are converted immediately into warmth in a process similar to sun beams. As the skin gets wamer, blood circulation is stimulated. The healing process for scars, sprains and bruises is encouraged. Muscles relax with warmth and the metabolism and blood circulation are strengthened. This also helps with purification and de-toxification.

Dogs and cats with joint pain, rheumatism, arthrosis or spondylosis get pain relieve from infrared heating panels. Easier movement and less pain - it's possible and it's easy.



(Therapeutic heat should not be used in case of organ inflammation, cancer and with pets who get epileptic strokes or are prone to them.)

Mutt Muffs - Dog Hearing Protection

Mutt Muffs Noise protection for dogs
Mutt Muffs Noise protection for dogs

Mutt Muffs are passive sound reduction / hearing protection gear for dogs.

Many dog parents hate New Year's Eve. And First of August. It's because their dogs are frightened and they can't help them. This knowledge gets us apprehensive before the fact and our dogs pick up on their nervousness. In the stressful situation itself, the stress factors double. Our dogs pick up on us on so many levels: our expression, mimic, voice, the way we carry ourselves. How we do things, how we look at them and others.  And they smell – incomprehensible for us - sweat, adrenaline, stress-hormones, a smell of fear. They notice tension that we are not even yet aware of. Our tension intensifies our dogs' discomfort. We know that "any time now" "with the first firecracker" our dog will become a shaking ball of fright. And our dog knows that something is coming up. Sometimes dog parents get annoyed with their dog's fear and that reinforces exactly the symptoms that bug the people about their dog.

Ignore the fear? No, not when a dog is obviously suffering, shaking, drooling or wanting to crawl into a hole. Help and relief is needed then.

Tranquilizers? I would like to mention the excellent blog by dr. med. vet. Ralph Rueckert (in German), especially his article Silvester 16 - Immer noch Finger weg von Acepromazin! Und was Neues! here is the link: http://www.tierarzt-rueckert.de/blog/index.php

Building a cave, calming and letting it pass. Rent a chalet in Grisons or in the Valais.

Yes, but there is a better solution: Mutt Muffs, professional noise reduction/hearing protection for dogs, developed in the USA for dogs who co-pilot in small private planes. Anyone who ever wobbled across the alps in one of those flying lawn mowers knows: it's LOUD in the cockpit.

Also consider Mutt Muffs if you travel a lot by train. On the platforms (just think of Zurich Airport) the screetching, hissing and banging is extreme. If your dog accompanies you to loud outdoor events (concerts, sports events – with cow bells, air pressure-honks.) or if your dog suffers from fear of thunderstorms (with possible limitations, see under "Thunderstorms", below.)

Or, if you are flying obviously. With your dog that is.


From Team Mutt Muffs.....

It depends.   The feedback is mixed.   Many report Mutt Muffs provide great relief for their dogs during thunderstorms.  We have had returns, though, stating that they provided no significant relief.  

If your dog is sensitive to the noise of the thunder, these will help.  Storms, however, have many other factors than just noise.  The air pressure drops, the sky grows dark, the wind kicks up, and the air becomes statically charged.  All of these things could be the source of your dog's discomfort.  


Mutt Muffs passive noise reduction for dogs, ear protection against noises and loud environments.
Mutt Muffs passive noise reduction for dogs, ear protection against noises and loud environments.


straighten up and fly right: flying dogs need ear protection
straighten up and fly right: flying dogs need ear protection


  • My dog would never wear those...

You’d be surprised. It doesn’t take long for most dogs to “compute” cause and effect.   Dogs figure out very quickly that the Mutt Muffs are what is stopping the noise.   Ironically, most make this determination by getting them off in flight.  Usually just once.  That's all the doggy evidence required to know life was happier when they were on.

When adjusted properly, Mutt Muffs fit securely enough that head shaking isn’t enough to get them off.  Removal takes paw power. 

  • What's the dB rating?

The inner foam that we use is the exact same ester resin foam that is used in many high end commercial head sets designed for humans.  Based on the materials used, the estimated decibel reduction is between 25 and 28, assuming proper fit and a good seal against your pup's head.  That's 25-28 dB reduction in the human hearing range of 20,000 cycles per second, which is the only range that we have data for.   Our canine friends can hear much higher frequencies (in the range of 43,000 cycles per second).   As the frequency goes up, so does the effectiveness of Mutt Muffs, simply because the higher the frequency is, the more easily it is absorbed.  Therefore, Mutt Muffs are especially effective at protecting against the high frequency wind whistles and shrieks we humans cannot even hear.

There is another factor that comes into play as well.  The dog's own ear flaps are down and covering the ear canal, providing yet another layer of protection, better even than placing your hands over your own ears. 

  • Do They Work for Fireworks?

Even though that was not the original intent, they work extrememly well to reduce your dog's fear of fireworks.   Mutt Muffs offer sound reduction.  Fireworks are loud noises.  So yes!

  • Thunderstorms?

From Soraya V Juarbe-Diaz, DVM, DACVB, CAAB, Board certified veterinary behaviorist.....

"The answer is, it depends.  There are 2 types of severe fears that can make a dog react during thunderstorms: noise phobia and thunderstorm phobia."

"With noise phobias, dogs respond with excessive fear to a single or a variety of noises.  During thunderstorms, dogs show fear only after they hear thunder, and occasionally, when they see lightning (because one usually follows the other).  They tend to recover, that is - go back to normal, shortly after the storm passes and the last thunder is heard.  They also can be anxious when they hear things that 'sound' like thunder, such as gunshots, back firing cars and some types of fireworks. Rain alone, cloudy or windy days do not upset these dogs as much.  They may respond to other noises, and what they are scared of can vary (plastic bags, metal on metal, etc.)  For a lot of these dogs, wearing Mutt Muffs when the sounds are occurring are a big help."

"If your dog responds to other changes that occur during thunderstorms, such as heavy rain, cloudy skies, wind, flickering lights in your home (signaling an impending power outage) and seem to predict the weather better than the local weather service, your dog is likely thunderphobic.  It is possible and likely that these dogs can detect changes in barometric pressure.  Because thunder is only one of the things that occur during thunderstorms, your dog is not likely to benefit as much from wearing the Mutt Muffs.  While you can try using them and seeing if they help, don't be surprised if they don't.  These dogs have more things that trigger a terrifying fear and need more help to provide relief."

Soraya V Juarbe-Diaz, DVM, DACVB, CAAB
Board certified veterinary behaviorist.

Pointy ears: push those over the hearing channel as additional protection: there is enough space under the Mutt Muffs.
Pointy ears: push those over the hearing channel as additional protection: there is enough space under the Mutt Muffs. Very young dogs: push ears up and back, as they are still soft in the cartilage and only forming the pointy ears.


Sizes and order information
Sizes and order information


put the tape measure around the head, over both ears and under the chin:

  • XS   17-23 cm
  • S   23-33 cm
  • M   33-46 vm
  • L   46-58 cm
  • XL  >58 cm

Weight is another good indicator for size:

  • XS   2-4kg
  • S   4-9kg
  • M   9-22kg
  • L   22-43kg
  • XL >43 kg


Don't order too large, a good fit is necessary for the noise reduction to work, there is enough space under the Mutt Muffs for a dog's ear. (very long will oviously protrude)

Aromatherapy Relaxation

Dog Fashion Spa essential calming oils have been developed by leading experts in canine aromatherapy to naturally help relax and calm uneasy dogs.

Discover a 100% natural way to help relax and calm your dog. Dog Fashion Spa pure essential calming oils deliver aromatherapy for your dog. 

If your dog is uneasy or nervous because of separation anxiety, traveling in the car, or afraid of thunderstorms, try using Dog Fashion Spa precious blend of essential oils to provide all-natural relaxation. Or use the essential oils to create a relaxing, spa-like environment for any dog! Dogs, just like humans, tremendously benefit from aromatherapy.

  • bergamot oil eases stress, tension, and fears
  • tangerine peel helps relax the dog
  • lavender flowers have instant calming and relaxation effects on dogs
  • ginger root helps nervous dogs' upset stomachs
  • rose geranium promotes stability and balance
  • ylang ylang flowers temper dog fear, anger, and jealousy
  • marjoram leaf brings warming effects, cools down the sensations, relieves dog anxiety and tension, and helps relax dog's muscles

Dog parents:  apply this blend of precious oils to your fingers and gently massage the dog's ears. Must have for uneasy/anxious dogs. essential for dogs who travel. try using the oils on yourself to relax with your dog!

Formulated with: pure essential oils of bergamot and tangerine peel, lavender flower, ginger root, rose geranium, ylang ylang flower, and marjoram leaf mixed with liquid coconut oil

made in the U.S.A.
0.35oz/10.4ml: 24 CH

Wash Sponge Lavender

Discover Dog Fashion Spa natural soap-infused Lavender Wash Sponge featuring essential oil of lavender famous for its calming, antiseptic and bug deterrent benefits for dogs. 

Lavender essential oil helps naturally relax and calm your dog, disinfects the skin, diminishes hair loss and leaves the dog happy and refreshed.

Lavender oil also helps ward off fleas and mosquitoes naturally and calm dog’s skin after bug bites.

Dog parents:  wet the coat with warm water (never use hot water)  and rub the sponge on the coat. leather and massage the dog for 2 minutes to allow essential oil do its wonders. rinse well and repeat if needed. Made in the U.K.


soap-infused dog wash sponge featuring essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus: 35 CHF


Sweet Orange Wash Sponge

Discover Dog Fashion Spa natural soap-infused wash sponge, featuring essential oil of sweet orange, known for its calming, deodorizing and bug deterrent benefits for dogs.

Sweet orange essential oil helps relax and calm your dog, removes dead skin, adds deep shine to the coat and leaves the dog happy and refreshed.

Sweet orange oil also helps ward off insects, ticks, fleas and mosquitoes naturally.

Dog parents:  wet the coat with warm water and rub the sponge on the coat. leather and massage the dog for 2 minutes to allow essential oil do its wonders. rinse well and repeat if needed. Made in the U.K.

Soap-infused dog wash sponge featuring essential oil of sweet orange: 35 CHF

Jojoba + Fennel Wash Sponge

Discover Dog Fashion Spa natural soap-infused wash sponge, featuring jojoba oil and essential oil of fennel, known for their moisturizing, rejuvenating and antiseptic benefits for dogs.  Jojoba oil nurtures and conditions the coat, moisturizes dry skin and adds deep shine. Fennel essential oil helps revive a dull coat, breaks up toxins  and cleans skin and coat.

Dog parents: wet the coat with warm water (never use hot water) and rub the sponge on the coat. leather and massage the dog for 2 minutes to allow essential oil do its wonders. Rinse well and repeat if needed. Made in the U.K.

Soap-infused dog wash sponge featuring jojoba and essential oil of fennel: 35 CHF


Prices are according to size, coat type and time needed for your dog's groom.
hourly rate: 80 CHF plus 20/40 CHF travel cost

Breeds that aren't handstripped

short-haired: starting at 80 CHF plus travel costs 20/40 CHF - that would be up to one hour
Example: Chihuahua, Whippet, French Bulldog

long-haired: starting at CHF 120 plus travel costs 20/40 CHF - that would be up to one and a half hour
Example: Japan Chin, Papillon


If the groom takes over 3 hours from the 4th hour forward hourly rate is reduced to 70 CHF

Hand-Stripping Breeds

Where only the upper back is hand-stripped (Cocker Spaniel) the normal complete groom prices apply.

All others (wire haired dachshound, terrier breeds that are hand-stripped etc.) Hand Stripping appointments come without bath. Please also do NOT bath the dog before a hand stripping appointment, thank you.

Appointment Hand stripping: starting at 150CHF (hourly rates of 80CHF apply)


Nell Hunde-Wellness Mobile Grooming - we come to you.
Please contact me for an appointment.

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eMail: nell@hunde-wellness.ch
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Nell Hunde-Wellness. Mobile Grooming

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